About us

Since 2019 KFIT is focusing on the local production of high quality sportswear and accessories. Who are the KFIT team members? We are a group of young people who love sports and traveling and we do as much as we can to create something making sense in today's hectic times. What is our goal? To share our love with active lifestyle with others. KFIT is thus a fulfillment of our dreams. A strong brand for strong people.

Even though we have crossed many lands and a lot of oceans we always come back into the heart of Europe we love - Slovakia. That is the main reason why our clothes are made of high quality Italian fabrics and proudly sold in four European countries.

What our logo says about our brand?

Our logo is our coat of arms, our flag. Made of simple lines. With a bit of imagination you can see legs in the run. What does it mean for us? Movement, activity and the fact that your feet means the most in your active life.


Why “KFIT”?

The brand name - KFIT or Klotinkfit - is based on the name of our sister brand klotink.com which as every older sister watched over us from the beginning. As both brands perfectly works separately it's time to jump into new adventures.


Why you should choose us?

KFIT - "K" as a "Kvalita" (quallity) - the most important characteristic of our brand. As failure is not an opposit of success but is a part of success the same we are not perfect and we have faced some minor falls. Such as an inappropriately chosen fabric or sewing workshop. However as one learns from mistakes we are constantly working on design and technologies improvements and every partial failure is challenge for us.

"Don't give up, try one more time" We said and went directly to Italy, country well known for the best functional fabrics. We picked the best we could and use it for our products. With the same passion we threw ourselves into the choice of the best sewing workshop. These are the things that helps us to do both the high quality products and do them right. Last but not least, as customers feedback is very important for us all your suggestions are sent to our internal team and thanks to you we are constantly working on improvements.


Who do we help and why?

In KFIT as you already know we love sharing joy. And there is no greater joy in life than helping others. Currently we are supporting the Children's Cardiac Center. Our goal is to raise €25,000 for its' patients. We were mostly inspired by the youngest member of our team (son of founder of KFIT - Daniel) who got himself into the Children's Cardiac Center and who thanks to the doctors and nurses managed everything he faced. Despite we picked the Children's Cardiac Center first we would like to support the other projects as well. Our journey has just begun. I would like to thak you, our partners and our customers on behalf of the entire KFIT team.

Thank you for your support because that's what moves us forward!

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